The ONLY Workshop Designed to Get You RESULTS (and Even Clients) on the Spot...
Coach, Speaker, Consultant, or Service Provider?
This Will Be the MOST PROFITABLE Experience of Your Life...
"The World's Top Coaches, Speakers, and Service Providers From All Over the World, Fly in Just to Attend My Intensive 3-Day
"Get High-Paying Clients" Mastermind, and they Get RESULTS Live! Are You Next?"
*Watch the video below, and see people get results within hours...*
I know what you are  thinking: "Oliver, how did your clients get those kind of RESULTS in just 3 days?"
GREAT QUESTION! I've been asked that same question more times than I can count... There are 6 reasons why YOU will get more results, get more done, and see more progress in 3 days, then most people do in YEARS... here they are:
  • Total Immersion Experience - by being around successful people, for days at a time, and getting to observe how they act, how they think, and what they specifically do in their businesses... Then it leaves you no other choice but to walk away with the right mindset, and skills you need to get to the next level.
  • Learning Environment Designed for Immediate Results - by practicing the skills needed for success during the event, you install into your behavior the habits necessary for immediate and long term success.
  • Constant Feedback for Immediate Improvement - by being around me and some of the top experts in the world when it comes to selling, designing funnels, branding, mindset, body language, marketing and getting clients, there's just no way you won't succeed. You get immediate feedback on your business, your mindset, your approach, and you get to improve things dramatically, so you can get results faster.
  • Daily Accountability for Daily Results - when you start seeing people in the group making money within hours... While they are still in the event, it shows you what's possible... It shows you that you can get results too... So most likely, you will try... and because we teach you exactly what to do, you're most likely going I succeed if you try.
  • Million Dollar Networking & Connection Building - People say you are the average of your 5 closest friends. So when you go to an event with a lot of successful people, then you make new friendships which open up a lot of doors for you... Business wise, and more. You never know which person you meet that could be a partner in a million dollar or 6 figure venture... Or a person you meet that could be a life long friend, or someone who can help you with whatever your biggest problem is... Connections are important.
  • Done For You help on the Spot with my Implementation team - One of the biggest reasons why people fail is it takes them forever to get something done because they lack the technical skill or knowledge... It takes forever to do a website, write a webinar, get traffic, etc... So that's why it's a lot easier when you're in an event where there's a team on-site to help get everything done for you.
When you stack things in your favor... do all the right things, and surround yourself with all the right people, then there's just NO OTHER option but for you to succeed within days.
In Just 3 Days, You'll Get Everything YOU Need to Create and Sell High End Packages and Add an Extra 6-7 Figures  Per Year Or MORE to Your Business... I mean EVERYTHING...
Hey, Oliver here...

Thanks for your interest in attending my High Ticket Mastermind Event. It's the only event, designed to get you RESULTS from Day 1. 

Need more clients? We've got you covered...

Want more money from your existing clients? Done...

Need new marketing funnels to attract more 'high end' clients? Consider it handled.

If you want 'THEORY', motivational stuff, and feel good seminars, go to another event...

On the other hand, if you want tangible RESULTS, and you want it FAST... clients rushing to you (more than you can handle), paying you premium prices... then you're in the right place.

Here's what we're doing...

We're going to spend 3-5 days with ONE primary focus: Design an entire HIGH TICKET business for YOU that has the potential to bring in 6-7 figures a year or more in revenue.
Here's what else we'll cover during the event...
10 Proven Steps to Building a 6 or 7-Figure Coaching, Consulting, or Service Based Business EXTREMELY FAST...

Contrary to popular belief, making 6-7 figures in your coaching or service based business is NOT that difficult or complicated. You just need to know exactly what to do, and then you NEED to to it.

Step #1: Find your ideal client's pain...

Step #2: Create Videos, Articles, Posts, or PDFs that SOLVE the pain and give it away for FREE (HINT: give you very best)...

Step #3: Create products/services ranging from $3,000-$25,000 on the front end...

Step #4: Have a process for selling your stuff confidently... Deliver Kick-ASS Results Fast... Keep building MORE value for people, in fact be KNOWN for Value

Step #5: Survey paying clients, discover other PAINS and STRUGGLES and create more solutions for them.

NOTE: Once you are positioned for selling high-ticket, anything lower that $3k will seem like a deal to your marketplace.

Step #6: Create multiple front end products at $497-$1,997 you can sell via LIVE Webinar at first. These front end webinars will pull in more clients... and around 30% of them should upgrade to higher packages. If you find a winner, then go ahead and AUTOMATE the webinar.

Step #7: Get in the habit of surveying your prospects to see what other pain points they have and keep creating products to solve them via webinar.

Step #8: If you want to push the envelope, and you have time, create front end products at $97 that you use for Self-liquidating offers when you run paid traffic.

NOTE: Keep repeating steps 5-8 as many times as you want. The more times you do it, the more income you'll make, and more CLIENTS you'll get.

Step #9: Build a self-directed funnel that gives people what they want based on their behavior to increase conversions.

Step #10: Once you ASCENSION funnel is built, run auto-pilot traffic through your entire system.

Final Step: Sit back, relax, and watch the MAGIC all happen.

By the way, you could've stopped at Step 3 or Step 4 and still created a 6-7 Figure business....

During the workshop, I'm going to go over this 10 step process in detail.
If You're in the Business of Delivering RESULTS Through Coaching or Services, and You Want to Attract 'High Paying' Dream Clients, You Owe it To Yourself to Be HERE!

Here's who we've helped before...
  • Wealth Coaches
  • Lifestyle Coaches
  • Energy Healers
  • Spiritual / Intuitive Coaches
  • Performance Coaches
  • Life Coaches
  • Holistic Coaches
  • Health and Wellness Coaches
  • Nutritional Coaches
  • Law of Attraction Coaches
  • Empowerment Coaches
  • Productivity Coaches
  • NLP Coaches
  • Fitness Coaches
  • Real Estate Coaches
  • Relationship Coaches
  • Motivational Coaches
  • Mindset Coaches
  • Public Speaking Coaches
  • Internet Marketing Coaches
  • Lead Generation and Traffic Consultants
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Sales Consultants
  • Executive Consultants
  • Branding Experts
  • Published Authors
  • Speakers
  • Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs
  • SEO Service Providers
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Website Designers
  • Done For You Funnel Providers
  • Experts
  • Product Creators
  • And Much More...
We'll Go Over The 5 Pillars of a Successful High Ticket Business, In-Depth, So You Can Be 100% Certain That Failure Is NOT Even an Option
We’ll focus on 5 MAJOR “High Ticket” Essentials during the event…

1.) YOU
2.) Your Business Model
3.) Your Market
4.) Your Marketing
5.) Your Systems

This is the most important part. 

The mindsets, habits, and daily activities that got you to where you are NOW, is NOT going to get you to where you want to go. 

If you want to get to the next level, you need to UPGRADE your mindset, habits, and daily activities. 

The FASTEST way to do that is to surround yourself with people who are already on the next level.

Want to get to $30k-$50k a month? It requires a certain mindset, habits, and daily activities...

Want to get to $100k a month? It requires a new mindsets, habits, and daily activities (In fact, what got you to $30k/month won't get you to $100k a month)... and it's a lot easier than you think. 

Want to get to $250k-$500k a month? 
You need to understand the SECRET I'm about to share with you...techniques and mindset alone are NOT enough... It's just 50% of the entire equation...

I've worked with a fair share of mentors, and coaches....

Back then, my early mentors were good at showing me the ‘techniques’... and that got 
me results fast...

… But techniques are always just 20% of the equation.

It’s good to know them, but you won’t survive if those are the only things you have.

Adding on mindset helped too… I remember pulling out a piece of paper, and writing down as many limiting beliefs as I could… and right next to it, I was reframing them, and writing down all my affirmations…

Worked for awhile, until it stopped working, and then I was back where I started…
Frustrated, Overwhelmed, Uncertain, 
and STUCK!!!

It was then I realized that mindset (as powerful as it is) was only 30% of the equation.
So the mindsets + techniques were just 50% of the equation.

Unfortunately, that’s what MOST of the gurus and teachers out there were teaching.

“Think Positive…”


“Use this 5-Step System”

...And although those approaches will get you results, you’d still be missing out on the other 50% you need to succeed.

It’s not their fault, like me back then, they didn’t know that they didn’t know…

That's why I call it...
The ‘Dark Side’ of mentoring and mindset

Because even if you immerse yourself doing both, there’s a chance you’ll still be left in the dark, stuck, and still not have consistent and lasting success.

Worst part? Most people don’t know they’re in the “DARK”... and they keep hoping that one day, what they’re doing (mindset + technique), would eventually pay off.

But it doesn’t fully pay off until you discover and MASTER the other 50%

What’s the other 50%?

I thought you’d never ask…


“The most powerful force in the human psyche is people's need for ... to stay consistent with their IDENTITY – how we define ourselves.”

Here’s what I learned.
LESSON #1: The MOST POWERFUL kind of change occurs, when it is done on the IDENTITY level... That's how you double or triple your income at LIGHTNING SPEED

For example, let’s say you want to cut back on eating meat.

You can work on it on a technique level, and have ‘slick’ strategies like thinking about ‘negative consequences’ of meat, and using pain or pleasure techniques to motivate you to cut back on eating meat… 

It works for awhile, but you’ll have to keep up with it… and if the technique loses its effectiveness, then you’d have to look for more techniques...

You can work on your mindset and ‘be strong’, and have that ‘internal battle’ several times a day… It works… but it’s a STRUGGLE.


You can say “You know what, I’m a vegetarian…” and when you have a MAJOR switch like that in your identity, then the mindset and techniques take care of themselves. It becomes effortless because it’s just who you are.

Identity level change can happen in years, months, days, or if you know what you’re doing… in an hour or so.

When I got the identity part down, EVERYTHING changed for me…

One of my businesses quickly jumped from 6 figures a month… to making up to 6 figures per day… and it happened almost instantly.

Best part? I was able to sustain the results… build momentum… and REPLICATE what I did on other projects and businesses.

LESSON #2: You must find EMPOWERING meanings from the identities you’ve been holding onto all these years... Here's How...

In the past, I used to feel bad because...

I never finished books, and I always jumped from one book to another… and I could never stick to one thing for too long

I was never the ‘organized’ type and ‘attention to detail’ was just not me…

… And it KILLED me on the inside for awhile… because I believed back then that I NEEDED to change who I am in order to be successful.

Instead, I found empowering meanings with who I am…

I realized that it’s OKAY to jump from project to project. Some BILLIONAIRES make the bulk of their money with just one business at the beginning like Microsoft, Facebook, Google…

And some BILLIONAIRES have 100s of businesses they have… Like Richard Branson… Same results, just different approaches.

So instead of beating myself up for not being ‘good enough’, I got excited because I was one of the FEW people who were like Richard Branson… So I focused on my strengths, and I started with a new goal…

My goal became “How can I automate my business in 90 days (before I get bored of it), so that by the time I get bored of it, it can be up, running, and growing without my attention”... 
...And it WORKED! It Worked Better than ANYTHING I've Ever Tried Before...

As far as not being ‘organized’ and have ‘attention to detail’... I realized that, that was an ADVANTAGE for ME! I didn’t need to be great at that, I just needed to find people who were, and HIRE them.

Worked out perfectly.

So at the end of the day, the things that I saw as ‘weaknesses’ became my strengths because I started giving them different meanings.

All of a sudden, nothing could faze me, or throw me off my game anymore...

… And it all began when I changed my approach to it… Instead of looking for people who were DIFFERENT than me, and succeeding, I started looking around me for examples of people who WERE LIKE ME, and were succeeding…

Make sense?

BOTTOM LINE: The Best and Fastest Way to Have Consistent, and Lasting Success it to Work on Your Mindsets, Techniques, and Identities ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

... And we dive into this kind of stuff in the workshop...

In fact, we do a lot of IDENTITY work, and that's how people are able to get results from DAY 1...
There are different ways to make money with high ticket...I’ve done it ALL, and I'll show you how to use EACH one of them in your business...
  • You want to sell $997-$2,497 programs through automated webinars? - DONE. Best webinar I did, pulled in over 800 clients in under 60 days, I’ll show you how to do it, step-by-step.
  • You want to sell done for you services? DONE. I’ve sold ‘done for you’ services that range from $2,500 all the way to $300,000 per client (yes, someone really paid that).
  • You want to sell a mastermind group where people are paying you $1,000-$10,000 or more per month to work with you in a group setting? DONE. 
    (By the way, you don’t need a lot of people to make $1 million a year. You just need 17 people paying you $5,000 a month to make it work, and you can DELIVER to your clients working just a few hours per week.)
  • You want to do small seminars, retreats or workshops where people pay you $5,000-$25,000 to attend? I've been using that model for YEARS now... I've perfected the process, now you just need to use it.  
  • I’ll not only show you how you can LAUNCH that business model in the next 30 days, I’ll also show you how to PACK the room and sell all the seats within 48-72 hour period.
  • You want to work with people 1-on-1 and get paid handsomely?- DONE. I’ll show you how to charge premium prices, and get people to pay you $10,000-$25,000+ per day to work with you… or if you just really enjoy working 1-on-1 with people, I’ll show you how you can raise your prices 3X-10X and have people, still happily pay you.
  • You want to get a piece of other people’s businesses? - DONE. I’ve been paid $50,000 in a month, and I’ve been paid multiple 6 figures a month from royalties, and also equity deals. (I’ll show you the business model, how to pull it off, where to find the clients, and how to position it…)
  • In this section, I’ll also show you the best ways to put together your program, and also the best way to DELIVER it so it has maximum impact on your audience.
This is a VERY important piece of the whole process. High Paying clients think differently from low paying clients. I’ll teach you the the 5 ‘Psychological’ TRIGGERS that magnetically attract high paying clients to you. If you know how to effectively use these triggers, you can sell at the highest prices… If you don’t then you’ll always have to compete, convince, and struggle to get people to pay you what you’re worth.
*Bonus Video* 5 Sales Triggers That Compel People to PAY You High Prices...
The Power of Positioning and Branding
This is the part that separates the 7 and 8 figure earners from the 5 and 6 figure earners.

As a coach, consultant, or service provider, there’s probably two things you want more than anything else.

More clients, and more cash for your business.

But as you may have come to realize, that’s easier said then done.

Attracting new clients isn’t as simple and easy as it used to be…

New businesses are born daily, and the competition is getting tougher and tougher by the second.

The cost to acquire a new client is getting more and more expensive…and the traditional forms of advertising are getting less and less effective.

Prospects are getting bombarded with advertising by your competitors every single day… giving them more options than ever before.

So unless you figure out a way to STAND OUT from your competitors and be different, you’ll drown in the crowd of competition and ultimately be IGNORED by the very prospects you are trying to reach.

While most businesses continue to lose money and struggle in this environment… there is a way for you to actually prosper…

It’s simple, but first you should know…
There are 3 ways you can position yourself in your industry… Choose the right one and you’ll never worry about leads and clients again… Choose the wrong one, and you’ll always struggle…

Right now, you can be in one of three positions…

You can be a generalist, an authority, or a celebrity authority.

 Can you guess which one you need to position yourself as?
  • Generalist means you are good at several different activities in your industry, and your clients can come to you for general advice.
  • Authority means you’re an expert in your field, and you usually have mastered ONE area that can make a difference in your client’s life, and you are sought after by more people.
  • Celebrity Authority means you’re FAMOUS in your industry,  and you are also an expert, and because of that, you are typically perceived as the best and highest priced option in your marketplace, and people are lining up to do business with you.
Who do you think is the most in-demand, can charge the HIGHEST PRICES, and never runs out of clients?

Let me give you an example.

If someone is sick, they normally go to a ‘general’ doctor.

If someone has a heart problem, they go see a heart doctor, who happens to be an ‘authority’ in that area.

If someone has a super serious heart problem, and they want to be CERTAIN that they will get the best help, and they have the money for it, there’s a good chance they will seek out a celebrity authority.
Bottom line: Celebrity Authorities easily attract the best kinds of clients, and they never run out of business, ever...

The solution? Become a celebrity authority in your industry…

When you become a celebrity authority, (no matter how tiny your market is), you have an automatic advantage every single time…
  • You don’t have to compete on price ever again.
  • You don’t have to chase clients, clients come to you.
  • You don’t have to compete for attention, your clients will immediately trust and respect you instead of your competitors.
  • You get more referrals without even trying.
  • Your demand will increase overnight. Demand for your time. Demand for your services. Demand for your expertise. Demand for YOU.
  • You can immediately charge more than your competitors, and raise your prices easily.
  • And much more…

During the workshop, I'll show you EXACTLY what you need to do to become a celebrity authority in your field in just 30 days or less.
Already Making 6 Figures? Here's How to Add an Extra $50k-$100k a Month to Your Coaching or Service Business in the Next 90 Days with these 3 Income Acceleration Strategies...

Four years ago, I did an experiment with one of my coaching businesses, and it added an extra 6 figures a month to our business within 90 days.

Most of the time, people think “Traffic” is a big reason why they are not making $50k-$100k a month in their business.

This is simply NOT true.

Most of the time, if you are already making 6 figures a year, all you have to tweak is your business model, pricing, or customer ascension system to get to 6 figures a month.

For example, I was working with Gavin Stephenson from the UK who was making $15k per month. In 45 days, we took his business to $80k+ with the same amount of traffic, by just implementing ONE change.

I’ve got a dozen I use from my bag of tricks, and I’ll share 3 of my favorite ones here.

Now, each one of these alone can add 6 figures a month from personal experience. So you can use one, or you can use all.
Income Acceleration Strategy #1
The Front End Bump

Most people charge just one front end price. So the standard might be $3,000, $5,000, or $10,000.

I used to do that successfully for years.

Then one day in 2011, I asked myself “How can I get more up front? How can I increase what my clients spend on the first sale?”

So I experimented with offering people 4 packages.

I offered a package for $40,000, $20,000, $10,000, and $2,500 all up front.
I modeled this after a lot of different successful businesses. Just look at Airline companies, or hotels.

Regardless of the economy, people always fly first class, and rent out penthouses and suites.

So long story short, I experimented with this 4 price point approach, and here are the results after 3 months of testing this out in late 2011- early 2012.

We generated 200+ clients who paid anywhere from $2,500-$40,000.

Roughly 90% of our clients paid $2,500.


10% of our clients spent $10,000 and up.

Here’s the best, and unexpected part back then...85% of our revenues came from the 10%. So if I just stuck with 1 price point, I would’ve missed out on majority of the money.
Income Acceleration Strategy #2
Client Ascension System

Next thing I focused on was the UPSELL process.

This is where everything changed for us.

This alone added an additional 6 figures a month without having to get more traffic or apps.

After extreme testing, we figured out that our clients that spend $10,000+ on the front end, ended up spending an additional $10,000-$30,000 with us in the first 7-14 days.

Some spend over $100k+ in the span of 90-120 days.

This was huge.

I call this Sales Compartmentalization.

For example, most sales people will believe a prospect when they say they only have $10k to spend. The reality is, the ‘budget’ they originally give you can be very inaccurate. If they want something, they will FIND a way, regardless of how the situation looks like.

For example, when someone buys a house, they have a ‘budget’ in mind of the maximum they will spend on the house. So that falls under the ‘budget for house’ compartment. In their mind, they will never cross that budget, or try hard not to.

So they set an initial budget, but they also have a ‘backup’ budget that they usually won’t tell people.

It’s the resources that they normally don’t want to tap into, unless absolutely necessary.

Next, once they buy the house, they all of a sudden have a different budget for furniture, landscaping, upgrades, etc.

Each one of these sections fall into ‘compartments’ in their mind, and as long as you are able to modify your upsell and ascension process so that it takes advantage of ‘sales compartmentalization’, then you’re good to go.

Once you master this, you can have 3-5 different upsells in your funnel, and if you do it right, your clients will absolutely love you for ALL of the upsells.

I can spend days talking about this as it’s an important part of selling high ticket that most people ignore, but hopefully this gives you an idea of how it works.

So some pointers with the upsell and ascension process…
  • Make sure your upsell has a completely different angle than the initial thing you sold them. For example, if you are selling a 6 week course, it will be hard up selling another 6 week course within 7-14 days unless people are getting AMAZING results from week 1. So this is where done for you services, or marketing services may come in handy.
  • Don’t sell the same way you sold them the first time. Most people sell the upsell the same way they sold the front end product. I don’t adhere to this philosophy. In my experience, it lowers the conversion rate. If people know how you sell them before you sell them, it’s like playing cards with someone, and they know your hand before you even start playing. You’ll have no competitive advantage.
  • It’s important that you PROVIDE VALUE FIRST before you upsell. I’ve tried upselling right after the first sale, and up selling after you’ve created some sort of value for them first. The second one works a lot better when selling high ticket programs or services.
Income Acceleration Strategy #3
Client Profiling Mastery

People talk about building an ‘Client Avatar’.

I believe in reverse engineering.

So for one of my workshops, I had the people that paid $10k stand up, and I asked them dozens and dozens of questions from how many times they checked their email, what magazines they read, what time they wake up and sleep, all the way to what they watch and their hobbies.

Surprisingly, they had over 90% in common.

So for example, my ideal client for one of my internet marketing coaching businesses... not based on ‘theory’ but looking back at the last 50+ clients who recently paid $10k+ are:
  • 73% male, 27% female
  • They drink some sort of caffeine daily
  • They wake up 6-7 am and sleep 11 pm
  • They check their email an average of 3-5 times a day
  • They are ACHIEVERS who have made 6 figures a year already
  • They listen to rock, and Jazz
  • They have a hobby like Golf, horseback riding, or baseball
  • Their main source of news is the internet
  • Etc…
I REALLY get to know exactly who my IDEAL client is… along with their biggest dreams, frustrations, challenges, what keeps them up at night, and a long list of commonalities they all have.

Now once I have all this information, I go back to all my marketing materials, and I insert as much as I can into it.

My goal is to REPEL 98% of the people who I come across, and attract the top 2% who end up being my ideal clients. I don’t need a lot, I just need a few to make the business model work.

So by the time someone gets on the phone with me, they know that I ‘GET THEM’ on a lot of different levels.
I have a question for you.

What’s more important for you to experience in your business right now?


What if you could have both?

Is it even possible?

Yes. Absolutely. Let me show you how……

Let’s start with the facts..

We all have the same 24 hours in a day… so why do some people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or Richard Branson make more money than most people can dream of and are super successful, while some people experience slow success, or worse, struggle the entire time and settle for mediocre results?

The answer?
Super successful people work smarter, not harder, and all of them have mastered what I call “Hourly Income Maximization”…
It’s a fancy way of saying… they’ve learned how to make more money per hour than anyone else out there.

How do you do that? How do you consistently make more money per hour?

Do more of the things that you are doing right now?


That’s the fastest way to guarantee frustration, struggle, and no time for yourself or your family.

Let me explain…

Let’s say you are making $100,000 a year right now, working 40 hours per week in your business. Most people think:

“If I put more hours in, I’ll make more money”


“If I had more hours in a week, then I’d make more money”.

That’s the WRONG way of looking at it.

Why? That approach, and way of thinking, is just not sustainable in the long run. In fact, it’s a sure-fire way to limit your growth and put a glass ceiling on your success.

That means, in order for you to make $200,000 a year, you’d have to work 80 hours a week… and in order for you to make $1 million a year, you’d have to work 400 hours a week.

It’s just not possible.

How do I know all of this? Well, let’s just say that the story I described above came from someone I know personally *Hint: Me*, and I’ve learned from it ever since..

So what’s the solution? Use a different approach, a smarter approach.
"Automated Results Systems..."
Automated Results System is how YOU can rapidly grow from 5 figures to  6 figures, or from 6 figures to 7 figures or more, incredibly fast...

It’s how you get more done and get paid more per hour, with less work.

So what exactly is an Automated Results System?

An Automated Results System is when you use a tool, process, or technology to get something done, and achieve a consistent result or outcome.

Best part? You let the system do the activity for you, so you don’t have to do it yourself, and as a result you end up reaching more people, achieving more results, and getting more done in less time.

It’s leverage at its best.

It’s working smarter, not harder.

It’s how super successful people make more money per hour, even when they are not working.
There are 5 essential “Automated Results Systems” that are absolutely CRUCIAL to your business success... During the workshop, we'll INSTALL all 5 of them...
  • Automated Results System #1: Client Attraction – this is the system that’s used for automatically attracting the ideal kind of client or customer to you.
  • Automated Results System #2: Client Conversion – this is the system that’s used for automatically converting prospects and website viewers into a paid client or customer. 
  • Automated Results System #3: Client Ascension – this is the system that’s used for automatically and immediately increasing how much a client or customer spends with you initially, how frequently they buy from you, and the total amount they end up spending with you.
  • Automated Results System #4: Client Retention – this is the system that’s used for automatically delivering your service to your client or customer, while keeping them happy and satisfied.
  • Automated Results System #5: Client Freedom – this is the system that’s used for automatically getting the ‘tedious and time-consuming’ tasks off your plate, so you can focus on only doing the things you love to do in your business.
I don’t have time to dive deep and get through all 5 of them here, but I will at the event... 
I don't care if you have all the money in the world... for us, character and core values are more important than money. Just because you can afford the workshop, doesn't  mean you'll get accepted. You have to fit the requirements we have below:
  • You must have an existing product or service that WORKS. It must get results for clients or people. 
  • If you're brand new, or starting out with no products or services, then what you're planning to teach or offer must AT LEAST has to work for you. 
  • You must be a massive action taker.
  • You must operate with TOTAL INTEGRITY and ACCOUNTABILITY both personally, and professionally.
  • You must be down to earth... No egotistic people allowed.
  • No negative people... You must be a a positive thinker.
  • You must be coachable, and be willing to follow instructions (don't worry I won't make you do anything weird or unethical.)
  • You have to be okay with others holding you accountable.
  • You have to be 'growth oriented'
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Here's How the Workshop Works
We Start Working BEFORE the Workshop Even Begins... Let Me Walk You Through
the Entire Workshop Experience... 
Once you get accepted to the workshop (yes, we have an application process)... the work officially begins. 
  • My amazing assistant will get in touch with you, and have you fill out a detailed form regarding your business, and your situation. We need this form filled before the event, so that I can understand your business at a deeper level before the event... and so that I can SERVE you at the highest level during the event. 
  • After we receive your form, you will be getting a 1-on-1 call from one of my
    'High Ticket Experts' so we can start diving deep into your business
    , and start giving you some direction, along with some ACTION STEPS you can complete before the workshop begins. 
  • As an added bonus (also depending on when you sign up for the workshop), you'll be able to get access to my best-selling products BEFORE the workshop... just so you can start making progress, and start getting results before the workshop. I'm big on getting you results FAST, so if I can get you some form of result, or progress before the workshop... I WILL.
  • Also, my assistant will be in touch with you to offer some help in finding flights, and hotel accommodations for you, we like going above and beyond, so you'll get concierge level service with us. Also, since we cover lunch during all 3 days, my assistant will be sending you some menus so you can provide us with your food preference. 
Day 1: Creating the 'PERFECT' Offer and Mastering the 7-Step System For Enrolling Up To 80% of Your Prospects Into Your 
High End Programs or Services...
If you want to get paid at the HIGHEST LEVEL, you need to create an offer that's
WORTH IT. At the end of the day, it has a lot to do with your offer.

That's why I focus a lot of time helping you CREATE an irresistible offer... one that your clients will happily pay you for. 

After you've perfected the offer, you need to master the enrollment process... and it's much fun, and easier than you think!

I've been selling high ticket programs and services for the last 10 years.

I've been on THOUSANDS of calls, and have sold packages from $2,500 to getting clients to pay up to $300,000 for my services. 

It's safe to say that I've PERFECTED the science of selling high ticket. 

Yes, there's a science behind it that makes it PREDICTABLE... you can't just 'wing' it...

You need to know what you're doing. 

We'll spend a huge portion of the day going over the entire enrollment process, in depth, so you'll walk away with new found skills and confidence after DAY 1.

On top of the techniques, I also teach you the different mindsets you need, to make the selling process as easy, and as natural as possible. 

At the end of the first day, I give you some action steps and homework so you can get RESULTS by the next day (And yes, we've had people get results just from the stuff we reveal in day 1...)


If you're a part of our VIP level, then we go out to dinner, and spend more time together so I can give you more personal attention... also, my implementation team will be at the event, so if you're a VIP, we can give you more personal feedback on your entire sales process, and offer... and make sure it's the BEST it can be... 
Day 2: 7 Proven High Ticket Business Models You Can Use For Maximum Profits... And Creating the PERFECT FUNNEL that Converts Prospects into High Paying Clients
There's 7 powerful business models when it comes to selling high ticket programs and services... and I've done, and succeeded with them all.

During the workshop, I'll go over each one of them, and help you choose which model or models (cause you can have more than ONE), will be a good fit for you and what you're trying to accomplish. 
  • HIGH TICKET MODEL #1: 1-on-1 Training - love working with people 1-on-1? At least get PAID A LOT.
  • HIGH TICKET MODEL #2: Automated Courses - Want to make money even while you're asleep? Have automated webinars that do the selling, and use online technology to deliver the programs online as well, even while you sleep.
  • HIGH TICKET MODEL #3: VIP Days - Want to get paid $5k-$20k per day? I'll show you how.
  • HIGH TICKET MODEL #4: Mastermind/Group Coaching Model - Want to leverage your time? I'll show you the 'ONE TO MANY' model so  you can  service LOTS of people at the same time. 
  • HIGH TICKET MODEL #5: Live Workshop/Retreats - Enjoy helping people out live? I've been doing retreats and workshops for over 10 years now. 
  • HIGH TICKET MODEL #6: Done For You or Reseller Model - Want to have a business that runs with limited effort on your part? I'll show you the reselling model where YOU GET PAID, and other people will do the fulfillment work for you. 
  • HIGH TICKET MODEL #7: Equity Models - Want to own a piece of other people's businesses? It's EASY... and you can do it without investing any of your own money. 
Afterwards, we will go over several types of online funnels that are PROVEN to work well for high ticket programs and services.

Most funnels out there are designed for LOW TICKET sales, and actually REPEL high paying clients.  We've tested dozens of different funnels throughout the years, and we will share with you THE BEST ones during the workshop.


If you're a part of our VIP level, then we go out to dinner, and spend more time together so I can give you more personal attention and give you extra tips on your business models, and funnels. Most of the time, this extra 1-on-1 guidance from me and my team can REALLY help speed things up for you dramatically. 
Day 3: On Becoming a Celebrity Authority in in Just 30 Days, Creating the PERFECT Webinar, Video, or Content, and How to Get Endless Traffic and Clients ON-DEMAND.... 
By now you already now WHY you need to be a Celebrity Authority...

I'll share with you EXACTLY how I pulled it off in under 30 days. It's a lot easier than you think, and it makes a BIG DIFFERENCE in your income.

Also, I'll show you one of my HIGHEST CONVERTING webinars of all time... My competitors, until this day, are still scratching their heads trying to figure out how I generated the amount of money I did from ONE SIMPLE WEBINAR.

I'll show you that webinar, and even give you the TEMPLATE so you can copy it yourself, and apply it to your business.

On top of that, I'll show you several marketing and traffic techniques you can use for FREE to get more leads to your business on a daily basis. Want to do paid advertising? I'll show you my BEST RESOURCES, and personally connect you to the BEST PEOPLE in the game. 


If you're a part of our VIP level, then we go out to dinner again, and spend more time together so I can give you more personal attention and give you even more feedback on everything you've learned. If you have questions about what you've learned so far, we'd be happy to ANSWER them for you, and give you specific action steps for your situation. 
  • Deep Mindset and Identity Work with Oliver - Yes, you already know the importance of mindset and identity. I work with you on that, and get you to the BEST POSSIBLE version of yourself by the time you leave the workshop.
  • Exclusive VIP dinners every single night - The best secrets and insider knowledge are always handed down casually over dinners, or parties. Use what I share with you WISELY, and ethically.
  • ONE Done For You "High-Ticket" Funnel - My team will build ONE funnel for you that you can use so you can start getting leads and clients IMMEDIATELY.
  • 1-On-1 Expert PROMOTIONAL VIDEO INTERVIEW w/ Oliver - We will record a short video of me interviewing you about your business and expertise. This promotional video will help you spread your message further. We'll even spotlight you in our entire FACEBOOK group to give you a quick boost! What will you promote? The choice is yours!
  • Personalized traffic and marketing game plan - My traffic team will go over and give you a personalize traffic and marketing plan you can use to get more leads for your business.
  • Backend and Upsell strategy - 50%-80% of your profits will come from the programs/services you sell to your existing clients. My business partner Huey Lee (who's just as successful as me, and is responsible for MILLIONS in sales online) will be personally helping you with your backend and upsell strategy.
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